We admire entrepreneurs who develop ambitious projects and innovative ideas.

We take interest in understanding their businesses, evaluating their needs and supporting their projects to reinforce success.

We believe: alone, it is possible to go faster; together, it is possible to go further.



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Added value first

We choose startups with strong technological assets and knowhow as we are convinced they can produce better scalability and results. We select advanced technologies with proven market records and powerful business models (web, media, big data, mobile, fin tech, bio tech, …).


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Think big, see far

We strongly advise startups to go abroad and we provide support to make this priority become real. We consider international expansion as a key for success and we push our investments towards markets representing unlimited business opportunities like the USA and China.


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Together is best

We provide expertise and ideas to our startup partners. It is their expectation and an excellent way to reinforce relationships. We also like to build efficient partnerships with VCs and private investors using our capabilities to source and network with the best investment opportunities.



  • We provide competitive advantage to high added value companies financing technologies, recruitments and business development.
  • We partner with open minded and talented teams who turn great ideas into successful stories.


  • We serve our startup partners sharing essential knowledge with regards to technology, sales or management.
  • We reinforce the success of our portfolio anticipating exit strategies or raising new funds.


  • We work with international investment companies willing to source and to finance European opportunities.
  • We represent our VC partners ensuring communication and securing investments.

Managing team

Frédéric Chevallier
Frédéric ChevallierCEO
Geoffrey Berthon
Geoffrey BerthonCOO
Denis Faucher
Denis FaucherPartner
Christophe Chevallier
Christophe ChevallierPartner


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More Info
We were delighted to make our first round with leading investors including SagaCity Ventures: their experience in our industry, their strategic vision and founders’ personalities convinced us that their stake would allow us to make Early Birds a real success.
Laetitia Comès-Bancaud, Early Birds


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